Mohammed Sreit

Mohammed Sreit

Mohammed Sreit is a journalist and researcher based in Benghazi.


Mohammed has a journalism BA from Benghazi University. He is involved in several research and media projects that are focused on political and economic evolutions in Libya.


Mohammed is a frequent media commentator on Libya. His past or present activities include collaborations with al-‘Asema, al-Hiwar (Libya), France 24 and ANN.


Mohammed has also been editor in chief of various media outlets; these include the news section of the website of Benghazi’s University, the economic bulletin of al-Mouashsher al-Iqtisadi (2006-2009) as well as the following newspapers: al-Ighatha al-Libiya (2007-2008) and al-‘Asima al-Iqtisadiya (2012-2013).


Working languages: Arabic, English


Fields of specialization:

. Political and Economic Evolutions in Libya

. Oil and Gas in Libya

. Media in Libya

. Tribes and clans in Libya

. Interactions between Libya and its neighboring countries

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