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About us

STRACTEGIA is a Madrid-based consultancy company specialized on the Geopolitics of the Middle East and North Africa and on the Study of Spanish political perspectives. We give advice, we evaluate risks and we define strategic actions for companies from the public and the private sector interested in those issues.

Our services

STRACTEGIA helps its clients with a range of services that include helping them with their communication and giving them efficient advice.


Our objective is to fulfill the specific needs of our clients in terms of corporate communication, media presence and connection with other representatives of their fields of action.


Our research is centered on the Geopolitics of the MENA region, and political evolutions in Spain.


Web bring you the expertise of an extended network of researchers that are specialized on various contemporary strategic issues, and that work from close on complex political, economic and social dynamics.


STRACTEGIA es un centro especializado en la evaluación de riesgos y de acción estratégica con sede en Madrid. Proporciona servicios para empresas y organizaciones públicas y privadas.

Cabo Delgado, en Mozambique, está sufriendo la violencia del yihadismo; también arrastra graves problemas socioeconómicos y el abandono del gobierno. Para abordar estos temas, @Casaafrica ha celebrado una nueva sesión de #Africaesnoticia.

📻 @radio5_rne

¡Buenos días! Esta semana hablamos sobre la #transición en #Túnez | Empoderamiento económico de las #mujeres | #Taller de puzle de azulejos | Abrimos inscripciones para los talleres de #lectura | Nueva #exposición sobre #Yemen en #Córdoba | #Cine | + info

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