Barah Mikaïl

Barah Mikaïl

Barah Mikaïl is the founding director of Stractegia. He is also an Associate Professor of International Security at Saint-Louis University – Madrid Campus.

Barah Mikail worked as a Senior Fellow on Middle East and North Africa with the Foundation for International Relations and External Dialogue (FRIDE, 2011-2015) and with the Paris-based Institute for International and Strategic Relations (IRIS, 2002-2011), where his expertise extended to Water and Geopolitics.

Barah Mikail was also a Lecturer at the Institute of European Studies, University of Paris-VIII (2005-2011). Besides, he taught International Relations, Geopolitics of the MENA regions as well as Geopolitics and Water in various public and private structures such as the Ecole Nationale d’Administration, the Collège interarmées de Défense, ENSTA ParisTech, and other schools specialised in Political Science and Business and Management.

Barah Mikail also has an extensive experience as a consultant to both public and private institutions and companies. He wrote several articles on the MENA region and on the Geopolitics of water. He also authored four books that deal with the Middle East and with Geopolitics of water.

Barah Mikail holds a PhD in Political Science (2010), a Master in International Relations (2002) and an MA in Arab and Islamic Civilization (2000).

Working languages: Arabic, English, French and Spanish
Fields of specialisation

  • Geopolitical and Security Issues in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Tribes, Clans and Religious Dynamics in the Middle East and North Africa
  • Terrorism and Radicalisation Processes
  • Political, Security and Economic issues in Spain
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