Jean-Jacques Kourliandsky

Jean-Jacques Kourliandsky

Jean-Jacques Kourliandsky is a researcher on Spain and on Latin America at the Paris-based Institute for International and Strategic Relations (IRIS). He is also the director of the Observatory of Latin America (Fondation Jean Jaurès) and a parliamentary adviser to the Socialist Group in the French National Assembly.

A member of the editorial boards of the International and Strategic Review and Espaces Latinos, Jean-Jacques Kourliandsky is also a consultant with various institutions such as the French Ministry of Defence, the Inter-american Development Bank, the United Nations Development Programme and Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.

Jean-Jacques Kourliandsky authored several books. He also wrote hundreds of articles specialising on Spain and Latin America.

Jean-Jacques Kourliandsky graduated from the Institute of Political Studies in Bordeaux (France). He holds a PhD Degree in Contemporary History (University of Bordeaux III).  

Working languages: English, French, Spanish

Fields of specialisation

  • Political, Economic and Social Issues in Spain
  • Nationalisms and Identity in Spain
  • Conflicts in Latin America
  • Development Issues in Latin America
  • Armed Forces in Latin America
  • Weak States, Failed States and the Privatisation of Violence in Latin America
  • Regional Integration in Latin America
  • American and French Policies towards Latin America
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