Lyes Menacer

Lyes Menacer

Lyes Menacer is a journalist and head of the International Desk at the Algerian daily newspaper Liberté. He served as a reporter and journalist for La Tribune (2009-2015), Le Soir d’Algérie (2008-2009) and El Watan (2003-2007).

Lyes Menacer specialises on Algeria, North Africa and the Sahel. He is the author of several articles that deal with Algeria and North Africa. Lyes also authored several books that address identity issues.

Lyes Menacer holds a BA in French and a Master in Literature.

Working languages: Arabic, English, French

Fields of specialisation

  • North Africa
  • Political, Economic and Social Situation in Algeria
  • Foreign Policy of Algeria
  • Franco-Algerian relations
  • Identity-related challenges in North Africa
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