Ziya Meral

Ziya Meral

Ziya Meral is an Anglo-Turkish researcher. He specialises on politics and foreign policies of Turkey and the Middle East. He also works on thematic issues surrounding interaction of religion with global affairs, and issues of defence and security.

Ziya Meral also works as a researcher with the Center for Historical Analysis and Conflict Research (CHACR, Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst). He is also the founding director of the Centre on Religion and Global Affairs, based in London, Accra and Beirut. Besides, Ziya Meral serves as the Secretary of the British Turkish Foreign Policy Platform and as the Director of the Cambridge Literati Summer Schools. Ziya Meral is also a consultant to various projects and companies such as INFORM (LSE), Screen Changers and Phoenix Community Care.

A frequent commentator in international media, Ziya Meral authored several books and publications. He delivered speeches and talks before many governmental bodies, such as the House of Commons, the American Congress, the American State Department, the Danish parliament, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the UK Department for International Development and NATO Defense College.

Ziya Meral’s PhD (University of Cambridge) looked at ethnic violence in Nigeria and Egypt. Meral also holds a Master in Sociology (London School of Economics). He graduated from Brunel University (London) and the International School of Theology (Philippines).

Working languages: English, Turkish

Fields of specialisation

  • Political, Economic and Social Issues in Turkey
  • Turkish Foreign Policy
  • Turkey-EU Relations
  • UK
  • Religious Conflicts and Identity-related issues
  • The Middle East, Africa and Asia
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