What Possible Future for Iraq? Interview with Ali Baydar

What possible future for Iraq? Despite the presence of many possible scenarios, here is the point of view of Ali Baydar, an Iraqi journalist who sees that:

  • Iraq is almost done with Daesh;
  • Unfortunately, taking into consideration the important role that militias have now, the end of Daesh will not necessarily put an end to violence in general;
  • There are five different categories of militias in Iraq, but the most worrying of them may be the ones placed under Iranian influence;
  • The future of the Kurdish issue will not necessarily engage the Iraqi society in a large-scale conflict;
  • Interference in Iraq’s affairs from countries such as Iran and the USA have negative consequences;
  • The Iraqi society is divided and this situation is risky for the future;
  • We have to wait and see if Iraqis are really ready to go beyond their official slogans and to act in a way that serves national unity.

What follows is the full interview, led in Arabic.

آفاق المستقبل في العراق ـ حوار مع علي البيدر


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