El Hassan El Mossadak

El Hassan El Mossadak

El Hassan El Mossadak is a Professor at the Paris-based University Paris-VIII and a Senior Fellow at Stractegia.

El Mossadak was previously member of the scientific Council of University Sorbonne- Paris 1, as well as the General Scientific Coordinator for the Center of the Contemporary Middle East (1996-2013).

He has an extensive experience on many aspects related to the MENA region: crisis management, sociopolitical dynamics, sustainable development and its interactions with geopolitics, as well as societal dynamics and their contribution to framing new realities in a post-2011 context.

El Mossadak has also written several books and scientific articles, including the following ones:

Secrets of the Arab revolutions: the Wikileaks documents, Al-Markaz At-Thaqāfī Al’Arabī, Beirut-Casablanca, 2012 ;

Raison théologique, raison critique : Arkoun et la construction de la pensée islamique, Institut du Monde arabe – King Faysal Prize, 2019.


Working Languages: Arabic, English, French


. Crisis management in the MENA region

. Sociopolitical dynamics

. Sustainable development and its interactions with geopolitics

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